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VulnDB® is the most comprehensive, actionable, and timely source of vulnerability intelligence and third-party library monitoring.

VulnDB Computer

Better Data Matters®

Risk Based Security's VulnDB provides the richest, most complete vulnerability intelligence available.


The Most Comprehensive Source

Over 262,000 entries, with detailed vulnerability source information, extensive references, links to Proof of Concept code and solutions.

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No Scanning Necessary

No software or hardware needed, get access to our data with our easy-to-use SaaS portal, or get access to raw vulnerability data through RESTful API.


Vendor and Product Risk Ratings

Our proprietary VTEM data helps you determine which products and vendors are putting your organization at risk. You can run Cost of Ownership Analysis by comparing vendors and products.


Third-Party Library Monitoring

VulnDB identifies and monitors thousands of third-party libraries for vulnerabilities. Evaluate and select the best third-party libraries to use in products and software development.


Easily Integrate into Existing Tools

Easily link VulnDB with existing IT tools and security software used by your organization ensuring faster setup for vulnerability alerts. Numerous options including RSA Archer, Splunk, GitHub, Slack and more!

Currently in the industry, CVE is the fundamental data source for scanners and enterprise security technologies. However, CVE fails to report over 85,000 confirmed vulnerabilities. To make matters worse, the vulnerabilities CVE does report are often late and limited in detail.

As such, enterprise vulnerability and risk management models are dependent on incomplete data and corporate and customer assets are at greater risk of compromise.

VulnDB is the most comprehensive source of actionable vulnerability intelligence and third-party library monitoring. Our data base includes vulnerabilities in COTS and third-party code, Vendor Risk Ratings, and more.

  VulnDB CVE
Total Entries Over 262,000 ~158,000
Real Time Alerts Yes No
Average Daily New Entries 70 30
Exploit Detail Yes Limited
Remediation Detail Yes Limited
Social Risk Scoring Yes No
Vendor & Product Risk Ratings Yes No
RESTful API & Integrations Yes No
On-demand Vuln Research Yes No


See For Yourself

A subscription to VulnDB provides organizations with simple to understand ratings and metrics on their vendors and products, and how each contributes to the organization's risk-profile and cost of ownership.