Transform Headlines into Actionable Intelligence.

Cyber Risk Analytics is the standard for actionable data breach intelligence, risk ratings and supply chain monitoring.

Avoid costly risk assessments while acting quickly to proactively protect your most critical information assets. Don't let security gaps of other organizations affect you.


Data Breach Intelligence

Cyber Risk Analytics is the most comprehensive source of data breaches occurring worldwide. Each breach has up to 68 attributes of rich metadata.


PreBreach: Five-Star Ratings

Our proprietary rating system helps organizations better understand the cyber hygiene of other companies and predicts the likelihood of a future data breach.

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Continuous Monitoring

Perform Vendor Due Diligence and Performance Monitoring. Keep tabs on all the organizations you care about the most.


No Added Costs

Never get charged "per-report" ever again. There are no hidden or other fees other than a Cyber Risk Analytics subscription.


Multifacted Use Cases

CRA can be used to support procurement and vendor selection processes, prioritize security controls, can assist in mergers & aquisitions, and more.


RESTful API and Exports

Access raw data via API or Export for integration into your existing tools or workflow such as GRC, ITIL, CMDB or SIEM products.

Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA) is a multifaceted product that enables organizations to prioritize security controls, support procurement & vendor selection processes, and much more.

With CRA, organizations can continuously monitor their vendors, their competition, or themselves in order to prioritize security controls and examine data breach trends occurring in the industry or within their own supply chain.

The integration of our PreBreach ratings into your current security and underwriting processes, vendor management programs, and risk management tools allows you to avoid costly risk assessments, while enabling you to act quickly and proactively protect your most critical information assets.

A Cyber Risk Analytics subscription allows organizations to:

  1. Prioritize the most important security controls.
  2. Perform vendor due diligence and performance monitoring.
  3. Perform unlimited assessments on organizations and predict the likelihood of a future breach.
  4. Reduce exposure to threats most likely to cause a data breach or impact their vendor base.
  5. Reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access from password reuse by monitoring domains for leaked credentials.

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