5,200+ breaches expose over 7 billion records, making 2017 an exceptional year for all the wrong reasons

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2017 YE Data Breach QV Report Cover.pngFrom massive breaches and embarrassing missteps to the scourge of ransomware, 2017 has been  an extraordinary year for breach activity. Risk Based Security has been researching and cataloging breach events going back for more than a decade and in that time no other year quite compares to 2017. The Year End Data Breach QuickView Report chronicles the full range of reported breaches including insights into factors that made 2017 the "worst year on record" for breach activity.

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  • How breaches occurred in 2017 and which industries were most impacted
  • The types of sensitive data most frequently exposed
  • Breach severity trends as measured by records exposed and severity score
  • Distribution of breaches by geographic location

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